EASY Scrap Wood Charcuterie Board

Grab all your scrap wood and build this EASY charcuterie board. Use your creativity and needs to create a one of a kind piece that will delight guests! Makes a great gift, serving platter and can be displayed as art. Plans: http://ana-white.com/woodworking-projects/charcuterie-board-serving-tray Great article on food safe finishes: https://thepowertoolwebsite.com/food-safe-wood-finish

Woodworking Project | Puzzle Cube

This time I use the scrollsaw to cut out a cube shaped puzzle out of oak. A very simple project which would be great for children. For the template for this puzzle cube for either the scrollsaw or bandsaw check out this link: http://thiswoodwork.com/woodworking-project-puzzle-cube/ http://thiswoodwork.com/ woodworking projects alex harris woodworker teenwoodworker thiswoodwork woodwork woodturning projects …