Wood Crafts Children

Wood Crafts Children- 40+ Picture Ideas


Do you have a handy kid? All of my little ones amaze me with what they are capable of (when I give them the opportunity to show me, that is). And woodworking projects are no exception!

Madeline didn’t have too many opportunities when she was little, I’m afraid to say. I cringed with the idea of her using a hammer or a saw with those tiny hands.

But I have learned a lot over the years, and I am happy to report that my little guys do a lot of woodworking projects now. We taught them to use tools properly, and it is remarkable the things they can do with them. And big sister is all too happy to make up for lost time and get right into the thick of it.

With spring just getting started I thought I should find some woodworking projects for kids to keep those boys of mine inspired and creating. And goodness are there ever some neat ideas out there!

These are incredible woodworking projects for kids - and even preschoolers!

Here are some of my favourite woodworking projects for kids:

Woodworking projects for kids - learning with tools

The Nuts and Bolts of Learning with Tools – This simple set up led to hours of exploration by my kids. There are so many benefits, too – fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and more.

Woodworking projects for kids - woodworking kit

Woodworking with Kids from Picklebums – This is a wonderful resource for what to include in a child’s woodworking kit! I especially love the hand drill suggestion.

Woodworking projects for kids - geoboard spiderweb

Spider Web Woodworking Craft from Frugal Fun for Boys – This family worked together to create a spider web geoboard with nails and woods.

Woodworking projects for kids - stick birdhouses

Building Bird Feeders with Real Tools from Fireflies and Mud Pies at Inner Child Fun – In addition to the experience of working with real tools to create the bird feeders, this was a great activity with grandpa!

Woodworking projects for kids - simple tops

Simple Wooden Tops from Kleas – What a wonderful woodworking project for beginners. The end result is a fun toy the kids will enjoy working with.

Woodworking projects for kids - tinkering with tools

Tinkering with Tools from Rain or Shine Mamma – This simple tinkering project allows the kids to try out different tools in a block of wood. A very open-ended, child-led activity!

Woodworking projects for kids - stick man puppet

Stick Puppets from The Crafty Crow – Kids can create their very own “Stick Man” inspired by a fun children’s book.

Woodworking projects for kids - DIY texture stamps

DIY Wooden Texture Stamps from Mother Natured – Working together, children and parents can use different materials to make textured wood pieces for art.

Woodworking project for kids - homemade pinball machine

Homemade Pinball Machine from Teacher Tom – Real tools and materials, along with some marbles, allow children to explore a homemade pinball machine. A great combination of tinkering and hands-on work for the children.

Woodworking projects for kids - wood creations with glue

Wood Constructions with Hot Glue from PickleBums – Kids can use scraps and bits of wood, along with a hot glue gun, in this open-ended invitation to create.

Woodworking projects for kids - working with wood and tools

Working with Wood and Tools from Beautiful Sun Montessori – Children use real tools and blocks of wood for a variety of hands-on skills.

Woodworking projects for kids - birdhouse

DIY Wooden Birdhouse from Skip to My Lou – This looks like a great beginning woodworking project! Kids can work with their parents to make a house for their feathered friends.

Woodworking projects for kids - make a ladder

Build a Ladder from How to Run a Home Daycare – Such a fun idea to build a ladder for fairy houses in the yard!

Woodworking projects for kids - gnome catapults

Gnome Catapult from Kleas – The kids can create their own gnomes, and then put together a simple catapult to launch them!

Woodworking projects for kids - ruler basket

Ruler Basket Folder Holder from Kara’s Creative – They made this basket for her daughter’s teacher to use in the classroom! I’m sure it would be great on a parent’s or child’s desk at home, too.

Woodworking projects for kids - easy wooden sculptures

Easy Wood Sculptures for Kids from The Artful Parent – These beautiful pieces of wood art just use a few simple materials!

Woodworking projects for kids - candy dispenser

Candy Dispenser from Instructables – This looks like a fun family project to put together for the kitchen counter.

Woodworking projects for kids - simple boats

Simple Boats from Plain and Joyful Living – A nice mix of woodworking and simple sewing went into these darling little boats.

What do you think? Did you find an idea or two for your little ones? I hope so. I sure plan on tackling quite a few of these this summer.

These are great woodworking projects for kids! Easy and simple wood projects for school or home! #woodworking #project #kids #easy

I am trying to think of a woodworking project my little ones could do on their own in a Quiet Bin form. I’d love to hear your ideas or suggestions?

Thank you for reading friends, I hope you are having a lovely week!