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1 x 4 DIY Wall Sconces – Scrap Wood Series

If you’re just joining, welcome to the Bitterroot Scrap Wood Series!

Head over to Day 1 to catch the beginning of the shenanigans, as well as our exciting news.

Long story short – I’m sharing a new scrap wood project every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in May and this is Day 8!

DIY 1x4 Wall Sconces

We made it.

What better way to kick the weekend off than with a fun afternoon/evening DIY 

These 1 x 4 DIY wall sconces only take about 30 minutes to make! All you need is a little bit of scrap 1 x 4, wire, and a small bulb vase.


Cut two (or however many you’re making) 1 x 4s at 6″. This was a completely arbitrary number, so feel free to make them as big or small as you’d like.


Align your bulb vase in the center of the board. Dry-fit a small piece of wire around the vase and mark where it fits best on the board.

Drill 1/8″ holes at the wire locations.

**Tip: Clamp an extra board to the bottom of the 1 x 4 before you drill the holes. This will prevent any tear-out on the back of the board when the drill goes through. 

Sand and finish as desired. I used Minwax Special Walnut and sealed it with Matte Acrylic Spray.


Insert wire into each hole and tie at the back.

DIY 1x4 Wall Sconces

Optional: I added a dollop of hot glue over the wire on the back to prevent it from scratching the wall. I also added a dollop of hot glue on the front of the sconce where the bulb hangs to help hold it in place.

DIY 1x4 Wall Sconces

Wiggle the bulb vase into place and add a flower!

DIY 1x4 Wall Sconces

I used sawtooth hangers to attach the sconce to the wall, but they tilt the sconce outward a little. I think command strips would work a little better, but it’s up to you!

I hope you enjoy your new wall sconces!

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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DIY 1x4 Wall Sconces
DIY 1x4 Wall Sconces