Wood Projects 4x4

Wood Projects 4×4 Ideas

Wood Plastic Composite Decking

Hollow decking material weigh far less than their sturdy counterparts. You can also more easily transport and locate circuit boards. In some areas, extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations can cause solid plates to expand or contract over time. This loosens the fasteners and sometimes causes warping. Hollow decking material are not susceptible to these changes, thus extending their service life.

At Seven Trust, we hope you spend your time enjoying your deck — not maintaining it.

Because the product has good durability and resistance to water, color fading and scratches. The Seven Trust composite trim provides the advantages of our
advanced composite materials in a cheaper, lighter weight installation package that is easy to handle and install. We use a special combination of
recycled plastic and wood fibers to ensure that the boards do not rot, twist, break or fade. We can offer a limited warranty for 10 years.

WPC Wood Plastic Composite Decking

Simple installation, Easy maintenance

Full range of compatible accessories
Does not splinter, split, rot or warp
Does not need seal, stain or paint
Low water absorption rate
Resistant to mould and fungus
Not susceptible to insect damage

Finally, a lightweight WPC wood plastic composite decking product. Have the quality that the customer expects. 
Our special hollow ‘tube’ design is used in the basic range to ensure that the floor is light – but has sufficient bearing capacity. 
Of course, they look great too!

hollow deck model

Two great panel designs.
On a single plank.

The client’s hobby is different, some people like wood grain lacquer, some people like to have groove. We put the two different styles on the same board.
On one side are realistic wood grain adornment, look very natural, and on the other side is contemporary style groove design.
These boards mean that you can choose the style that suits your floor. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from changing your mind over the course of a few years. If you want to, flip the floor over.

Use a hollow for a new lightweight board

Slightly different from other WPC decking manufacturers using rectangular holes through hollow decks. 
our extensive research has led us to a hollow “pipe” design that we believe provides greater strength and minimizes possible problems with other hollow decks, including warping and splitting. 
Of course, we also provide deck with rectangular holes.

hollow deck model

The basic range of our products has three different color variations : gray, dark chocolate or warm teak. 
Of course, we can also produce a variety of colors according to customers’ choices. We also provide accessories for the products so that you can finish your project easily.

Note : you may not be able to give an accurate representation of the color due to studio photography or your viewing device. 
To see the color in person – please order free sample packaging.

hollow deck install

Whether you replace the new wooden deck or start from scratch, all Seven Trust decks are easy to install. Our groove edge plate is installed with our quick clip system hidden under the deck, leaving a smooth, screw free finish.

The quick clamping system makes it easy to install. Instead of having to drive hundreds of screws through the board itself, you can simply tighten the clamping and lock the boards together to get a solid, efficient deck. We sell a full range of accessories, including clamps, screws and joists, specially designed for each range and one-stop solution for your deck works.

hollow deck clean

Simple cleaning twice a year can help keep your composite look good.

Say goodbye to rotting wooden planks that need to be replaced, or dye and rearrange endlessly. Now all you have to do is take out a bucket of soapy water (or a composite deck cleaner) and a hard broom and wash it once. That’s it.

You’ll save money and time, and those savings are increasing every year!