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DIY Projects For Teens Bedroom

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Looking for some DIY projects for teens bedroom? Every teenager dreams of having a cool bedroom — I know I did when I was younger. Now that I have a teenager of my own, she’s been begging me to find what amazing things we can do to make her space her dream room. So we did our research, from crafts I did before, to other interesting and popular projects on Pinterest. Check out the fruits of our labor, which is this list of the best teen bedroom ideas for the room makeover your teen is dying to have!

26 Cool DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom

1. DIY Headboards

DIY Headboards | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | diy room décor projects
DIY Headboards for Every Home Photo by DIY Projects

Looking for the right headboard design? Make the bed the focal point of the room by making these upholstered and creative DIY headboards. Click here to read more!

2. Trash Can Night Stand

Trashcan Night Stand | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | room décor ideas
Best Bedside Table Designs For Kids Room Bedroom Ideas Photo by Jmlage

This should be on your list of bedroom ideas on a budget because it requires something you probably already have — a trash can! A super easy DIY nightstand project any teen can make, just grab a cool metal trash can, turn it upside down, and spray paint it in your favorite color.

3. DIY Pillows

DIY Pillows | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | diy bedroom wall décor
Adorable DIY Pillow Ideas Photo by DIY Projects

Take your pick from these adorable DIY pillow designs and ideas. Some of them are even no-sew, so any teen can make one for their bedroom. Click here to read more.

If your kid is just getting started with sewing, here’s a great how-to to help them learn!

4. Ping Pong Ball Pendant

Ping Pong Ball Pendant | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | diy master bedroom makeovers
Weekend Project: Ping Pong Ball Pendant Photo by Poppy Talk

If you’re looking for DIY bedroom ideas on a budget, this project is definitely a good contender. Did you know that you can make an amazing light fixture with ping pong balls? A few cans of spray paint and lots of ping pong balls can really awaken your teen’s space. See how here.

5. DIY Photo Frames

DIY Photo Frames | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | diy bedroom furniture makeover
DIY Photo Frames to Keep Your Memories Near & Dear Photo by DIY Projects

Need new photo frame designs for your memory lane shelves? Keep your memories near and dear with this amazing selection of DIY photo frame craft projects. Check it out here.

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6. DIY Flower Monogram

DIY Flower Monogram | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | diy bedroom ideas on a budget
DIY Faux Flower Monogram Photo by Decoist

Take the liberty to create your favorite flower color combinations for this DIY teen room project. Make a cute monogram with faux flowers. Get the tutorial here.

7. Paint Chip Calendar

Paint Chip Calendar | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | creative bedroom decorating on budget
Fun & Creative DIY Paint Chip Calendar Photo by DIY Projects

Want something inexpensive and colorful for your bedroom? Keep track of the days with this easy DIY project with paint chips. Get the steps here.

8. Glass Gem Tiled Table

Glass Gem Tiled Table | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | diy bedroom makeover ideas
Diy Furniture Update: How To Tile A Table With Glass Gems Photo by Rosy Scription

Every household probably has an old unused table in a random corner. Give that old table a makeover with some paint and tile it with glass gems. This piece will surely add glam to your cool bedroom. Check the tutorial here.

9. Decorate with String Lights

Decorate with String Lights | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | bedroom diy ideas for teens
DIY String Lights To Decorate Your Rooms Photo by DIY Projects

Lighting is one the easiest DIY projects for teens bedroom. Make string lights hang as a bed canopy or make put them in empty bottles to make a DIY lamp. There’s something that will be perfect in any teen bedroom. Click here to read more!

My favorite (that I have in my own room) are these led photo string lights!

10. String Art

String Art | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | diy for girls bedrooms
Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas Using String Photo by DIY Projects

I’m sure you’ve been seeing these all over. Check out this unique DIY project to keep yourself busy and productive. Take your pick and start stringing for an amazing room decor. Check them out here.

11. Tulle Frame Jewelry Organizer

Tulle Frame Jewelry Organizer | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | best teen bedroom sets
Tulle Frame Jewelry Holder Photo by DIY Projects

Some of the best teen bedroom ideas happen to be the easiest, such as this jewelry organizer you can make by stretching out some tulle over a frame. Have a stylish place to organize your jewelry, just like an Instagram celebrity. Make this easy DIY organizer from an upcycled wooden frame and some tulle. Get the instructions here.

12. Or Make a DIY Necklace Holder

Or Make a DIY Necklace Holder | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | best teen bedrooms for girls
DIY Jewelry Organizer | Necklace Holder Photo by DIY Projects

Got a necklace collection? This is a very simple but creative way of organizing your necklaces. Just grab a branch and a few supplies to make this DIY necklace holder. Get the tutorial here.

13. Felt Ball Garland

Felt Ball Garland | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | best teen bedroom ideas
Festive Crafts DIY Felt Ball Garland Photo by DIY Projects

Learn how to make felt balls and string this easy and colorful felt ball garland. It’s a fun way to decorate any bedroom. See how here.

If you don’t want to make your own felt balls, you can get them in bulk here!

14. Make Some Cool Wall Art Designs Under an Hour

Make Some Cool Wall Art Designs Under an Hour | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | diy small bedroom ideas
DIY Wall Art You Can Make in Under an Hour Photo by DIY Projects

Express yourself through your walls. If you can spare an hour, you can make these super easy wall art designs to make any teen bedroom look amazing. Check the list here.

15. DIY Wooden Crate Shelves

DIY Wooden Crate Shelves | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | easy diy bedroom decorating ideas
DIY Wooden Crate Shelves Photo by DIY Projects

Want to do a little upcycling? I’m pretty sure you have some of your own ideas on how to make use of old wooden crates. Make your own shelves from wooden crates with this tutorial.

16. Wood Pallet Wall

Wood Pallet Wall | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | pinterest bedroom ideas
How to Build a Wood Pallet Wall Photo by DIY Projects

On our list of DIY projects for teens bedroom is this wood pallet wall. Want to turn your entire wall into art? You can with this easy pallet project. Set aside those cans of paint this time and settle for some rustic style. Get the steps here.

17. Man Cave Ideas

Man Cave Ideas | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | diy crafts for teens rooms
More Awesome Man Cave Ideas For Manly Crafts Lovers Photo by DIY Projects

Turn your bedroom into a man cave, because manhood is just a few years away. These cool and unique ideas can be just what you need to feel your space at home. Click here to read more.

18. Wooden Dowel Lamp

Wooden Dowel Lamp | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | fun art projects for teens
How To Make A Lamp From Wooden Dowels | DIY Lighting Projects Photo by DIY Projects

Just imagine this in your bedroom, and yes, it does make that cool lighting effect. Test your woodworking skills and let some light into a dark room. Get the tutorial here.

19. Clothespin DIY Frame

Clothespin DIY Frame | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | diy crafts for girls
Clothespin DIY Frame Photo by A Little Craft In Your Day

Pin all your favorite memories in this DIY frame. It’s always great to incorporate a bit of style into your memory wall. Some pictures and a nice background makes a good combination for a DIY bedroom wall decor. Check it out here.

20. DIY Ombre Cork Art

DIY Ombre Cork Art | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | diy ideas for teen girls
DIY: Ombre Cork Heart Photo by Green Wedding Shoes

Are you up for a cool idea using cork for your home beautification? Upcycle some wine corks by making this ombre work of art. Get the tutorial here.

21. Braided T-Shirt Rug

Braided T-Shirt Rug | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | diy bedroom projects
Upcycle Style: Braided T-Shirt Rug Photo by My Poppet

Make good use of your old shirts by making this braided t-shirt rug. This can be your next sewing project and a great way of utilizing old shirts. Get the steps here.

23. Furilicious Chair

Furilicious Chair | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | fun diy bedroom projects
Furilicious Chair Photo by Fresh Idea Studio

Do you fancy furry things? This easy DIY will make you feel glam every time you sit in front of the dresser for a touch-up. Turn a plain chair into something cute and furry with this amazing hack.

24. DIY Amethyst Mirror

DIY Amethyst Mirror | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | diy bedroom ideas
DIY Amethyst Mirror Photo by Design Love Fest

This may not be the Evil Queen from Snow White’s mirror but I’m sure you’ll still feel like the fairest of them all once you glance at it. Get the tutorial here.

25. DIY Vanity

DIY Vanity | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | diy bedroom makeover
DIY Vanity Photo by Made 2 Style

If you think a DIY mirror won’t be enough, try making this makeup vanity. Feel and act like a real celebrity while hanging out in front of this DIY mirror. Check it out here.

26. DIY Floating Shelves

DIY Floating Shelves | DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom | diy room decor ideas for teenage girls
DIY Floating Shelves Photo by It’s Overflowing

Nothing catches the eye more than a neat and well-organized bookshelf. Organize your favorite books on this cool floating shelf. Get the tutorial here.