Wood Projects Beginner

Wood Projects Beginner- 40+ Picture Ideas

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easy woodworking projects for beginners

Quick Navigation1. Wood Plank Wine Rack2. Wooden Beer Koozie3. Wooden Pencil Holder4. Wooden Chopping Board and Serving Tray5. Scarf Hanger6. Pallet Bench7. Easy Wooden Box Planter8. Wooden Welcome Mat9. Waterfall Plywood Console Table10. Rustic Pallet Coffee Table with Drink Cooler11. Skateboard Rack12. Table Hockey13. DIY Wall Organizer14. DIY Wall Locker15. Floating Shelves16. Saw Handle Push Stick17. Wooden Spoons18. DIY Wood Wall Art19. DIY Planter Pot & Table Combo20. DIY Triangle Mirror21. Over the Sink Shelf22. Basic DIY Drawer23. DIY Coffee Table24. DIY Coffee Bar25. Cordless Drill Storage & Charging Station26. Toolbox for Dad27. Modern Barn Door28. Framed Burlap Sign29. iPad Dock30. USB Drive31. A Spoon For Your Spoons

There is no shortage of amazing projects to be found on the internet, however we believe these are the best out there. Woodworking is an area where the hobbyist who owns a quality miter saw can share their talents with the world. With a variety of materials from reclaimed wood to pallets to the finest grains available, these talented craftsmen and women are creating projects that are easy to follow and complete.

We have outlined 31 project ideas which are designed to get anyone into the hobby. So sit back, take notes, and get ready to jump into the wonderful world of woodworking.

1. Wood Plank Wine Rack

wood plank wine rack for DIY beginner project

Maker: Camille @ Camille Styles

Wine racks can be a great way to display your wine or help with storage. Camille designs the easiest wine rack ever that not only elegantly displays the wine, it also takes into consideration the optimal way to store wine–upside down. This wooden plank style is simple and has pitched angles that help keep your bottles upright so the cork stays moist for longer storage.

2. Wooden Beer Koozie

fancy beer koozie wood project

​​​​​​​Maker: Ollari

Beer Koozies come in handy for keeping drinks cool, but you usually don’t find ones that look as elegant as the one in this unique Instructables woodworking project by Ollari. Using PVA glue, he glues together angled, segmented cuts of wood to form a perfect circle. Gluing them in a variable pattern accomplishes a unique look and style. The best part of constructing it yourself is you design the look and size–customizing it to fit the perfect drink.

3. Wooden Pencil Holder

custom woodworking pencil holder

Maker: Ashley Thurman @ Cherished Bliss

Pencil holders help you keep your tools within reach whether it’s on your woodworking bench or in your office. Ashley Thurman designs a simple pencil holder project for beginning woodworkers that would make a great addition to any workspace and a fantastic gift for Teacher Appreciation Day too! There’s tons of possibility to customize this project for any need.

4. Wooden Chopping Board and Serving Tray

wooden chopping board for beginner wood workers

Maker: The Family Handyman

Wood serving boards and chopping boards make elegant additions to any home. Showcase the beauty of wood with a functional woodworking project like this easy one from The Family Handyman. Best of all you’ll save money making it yourself. Often times wooden serving trays and cutting boards are expensive when purchased ready-made in stores. You choose the wood to fit your style and this quick project can be wrapped up in an afternoon. Make it for yourself or give the perfect housewarming gift.

5. Scarf Hanger

diy scarf hanger for organizing clothes

Maker: Cindy @ Skip to My Lou

Whip your closet into shape with a handy scarf or tie organizer in a simple beginner woodworking project from Cindy at Skip to My Lou. Using some basic hand tools like a jigsaw or band saw, a piece of masonite, and a hole saw–is all you need to start constructing. Add some paint to match your style, or leave it natural. This project is not only fun, it’s a great way to organize your closet.

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6. Pallet Bench

DIY bench project uses reclaimed pallet

Maker: Pallet University

Pallet University is a fabulous resource for woodworking projects made entirely from pallets. With several surprisingly simple and super functional projects to choose from, there’s something useful for everyone. You will need the help of a quality table saw but this pallet bench project is perfect for any skill level. It turns any reclaimed pallet into a beautiful and practical bench that could easily be utilized indoors or outdoors. 

If you are looking for more comfortable options find some top rated bean bag chairs to chill in.

7. Easy Wooden Box Planter

cedar planter wood box to grow flowers

Maker: Sarah @ Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

Wooden box style planters are the perfect option for adding more potted plants to your outdoor space. They look fabulous and Sarah shows how simple they are to achieve in her easy woodworking project. She uses cedar fence planks, making simple cuts with a jigsaw and fastens them into a box with screws. This project is so easy and affordable, you’ll definitely want to expand your home garden. These planters work for vegetables, herbs, and ornamental shrubs and look beautiful.

8. Wooden Welcome Mat

diy wooden doormat project

Maker: Ashley @ Domestic Imperfection

Skip the typical welcome mats made from woven fabrics and create an elegant entry to your home with a wooden welcome mat. Ashley has an easy and quick wood project that uses wood planks tied together with rope for a flexible mat that is sturdy and functional. A quality wood stain will give it a polished finish and showcase the wood’s elegance.

9. Waterfall Plywood Console Table

simple plywood waterfall console table

Maker: Justin @ Remodelaholic

Plywood is an affordable material that can help you achieve sleek and modern woodworking projects. Justin uses plywood to make a stunning waterfall plywood console table that is minimalist–leaving the exposed unfinished plywood to lend its charm. This project is simple and results in a beautiful piece of furniture to add to your home.

10. Rustic Pallet Coffee Table with Drink Cooler

rustic pallet wood coffee table with drink cooler

Maker: Justin @ Remodelaholic

Before you toss this project away as just another coffee table made from pallets, you should note it doesn’t just look awesome, it also features a fully functional drink cooler. Justin uses 3 to 5 pallets and some oil to spiff them up and maintain the woods natural beauty in his easy to follow project. He builds the table around a shallow planter box that transforms the table into the perfect table cooler. Imagine adding this table to your outdoor area at your next backyard gathering. This is just one of many great ideas that can be found at Remodelaholic’s. This could be the most challenging project on our list.

11. Skateboard Rack

wooden skateboard rack for three

Maker: Minwax

Founded in Brooklyn, New York in the year 1904, Minwax has been creating the highest quality wood finish on the market. Waterproofing is a major issue with wood and Minwax has perfected the art. Over the years, they’ve developed a lot of their own projects and tutorials and have begun to catalog them on their site. This skateboard rack is the perfect addition to any skater’s home. Room for three boards in a unique and fun design make this a great project for a beginner to woodworking.

12. Table Hockey

wooden table hockey with sticks and puck

Maker: Minwax

We couldn’t get through this list without another high-quality project from the wood finishing company Minwax. Crafters of the greatest weatherproofing and wood finish products have done it again with this table hockey tutorial. A miniature hockey rink will provide hours of entertainment and fun for whoever takes part. This beginner project would make an excellent gift for children or the young at heart.

13. DIY Wall Organizer

DIY wall organizer

Maker: Ashley & Whitney @ Shanty 2 Chic

Experts at turning the old and drab into something new and trendy, sisters Ashley and Whitney created Shanty 2 Chic to encourage others to follow in their maker spirit. Organization is the key to this DIY Wall Organizer project. Space for your iPad, bills, and other documents join a three-piece writing area for chalk, dry erase marker, and cork board. This one-stop shop is your source for organization. While at Shanty 2 Chic, take a look at their other incredible projects.

14. DIY Wall Locker

DIY wall locker for beginner woodworking project

Maker: Ashley & Whitney @ Shanty 2 Chic

The two sisters over at Shanty 2 Chic have done it again with their DIY wall locker. A busy household needs places to store items in a convenient place. Looking at an empty wall for Ashley and Whitney is like looking at a blank canvas. This complex project is made easy with this excellent tutorial. All of the tools and materials are given and the building process takes shape with the help of power tools. Anyone can create is the goal over at Shanty 2 Chic and this project is no different.

15. Floating Shelves

easy beginner woodworking project for shelves and home improvement

Maker: Instructables

How do you turn firewood into a fantastic and functional piece of furniture for the house? We took on the challenge to create some truly unique pieces. These floating shelves created from firewood are a showstopper. An instant conversation piece in any home, these projects sometimes even come with a hidden drawer to wow your friends and family.

16. Saw Handle Push Stick

homemade push stick for table saw

Maker: Mikeasaurus

Instructables is one of the best sites on the net for DIY projects. Some can be hit or miss but with Mikeasaurus you’re always in for a treat. Creator of over 260 Instructable projects, Mikeasaurus is one of the more prolific makers on the site. This saw handle push stick was inspired by the desire to bring a little class to the table saw. He was using a simple piece of wood to push materials through the machine but crafted this easy to make push stick to make the process elegant.

17. Wooden Spoons

carve your own DIY wooden spoons

Maker: Chantelle Delichte

From the dawn of humanity, we’ve created our own utensils. From forks to knives to chopsticks to spoons, humans have made it all. It’s much more convenient to buy your own silverware at the store but what’s the value in that? Chantelle Delichte wants you to carve your own wooden spoons and her guest blog on Fairgoods is the perfect way to jump into the project. Fairgoods is all about putting the maker at the forefront and encouraging people new to hobby crafting to dive in, head first. Chantelle’s tutorial walks you through the process of some remarkable handmade silverware.

18. DIY Wood Wall Art

DIY wood wall art in the bedroom

Maker: Ashley @ Bigger than the Three of Us

Not all woodworking tutorials have to create a tool or even something functional. Purchasing a house that was too big for the young family meant that a lot of space needed to be worked in order to feel like home. While most of the projects at Bigger than the Three of Us are creative uses of space and functional products, sometimes just creating is necessary. This project proved to be one of the simplest designs but most complicated to complete. That frustration led to a stunning wooden art piece that fits on any wall.

19. DIY Planter Pot & Table Combo

DIY patio table with planters on the porch

Maker: Ashley @ Bigger than the Three of Us

Second on our list from Bigger than the Three of Us is this incredible DIY planter pot and table combo. Every square inch of Ashley’s home has her personal touch. This project is no exception and may be one of the best on the site. Home to gorgeous, year-round succulents and a space to put your drink, phone, or a book make this an excellent project for beginners. A truly dazzling piece to add to any patio collection, this planter pot, and table combo is just another in a long line of tremendous projects on her site.

20. DIY Triangle Mirror

triangle mirror project framed on wall

Maker: Ashley @ Bigger than the Three of Us

Bigger than the Three of Us is the only blog with three entries on this list and for good reason. Every one of Ashley’s projects is laid out in an engaging format that walks the reader through, step by step. This DIY triangle mirror is a great addition to the home that adds a high-end look with a budget price. Framed to look like a shadow box, this mirror looks more like a piece of art than a functional item for the home. It’s more than functional and is super cheap if you know where to find the materials (which she explains how to do).

21. Over the Sink Shelf

over the sink pallet shelf for kitchen

Maker: Amy @ Stow and Tell U

When not traveling all over the world, Amy at Stow and Tell U is repurposing spaces, furniture, and things. She admits that mistakes are part of the learning process which is excellent advice for beginners getting into woodworking. Made out of an old, reclaimed pallet, her tutorial for an over the sink shelf makes the process super easy to build. Creating a welcoming kitchen was the inspiration for this project that is sure to come in handy for all.

22. Basic DIY Drawer

basic woodworking drawer project

Maker: Jenn @ Build Basic

Easy to read tutorials, well-organized material lists, and accessible projects make Build Basic a great stop on the net for woodworking and carpentry. Jenn has been creating these projects that walk the reader through each and every step from beginning to end in order to give everyone the tools necessary for DIY-friendly skill building. This basic DIY drawer doesn’t even require a table saw or router to complete making it ready for anyone to start today.

23. DIY Coffee Table

DIY coffee table by build basic

Maker: Jenn @ Build Basic

The second entry on the list from Build Basic, this DIY coffee table is sure to impress. Just like the DIY drawer, the coffee table tutorial is laid out on Jenn’s easy to read website. This coffee table is modern looking and looks as if you might have purchased it from a fine furniture store. A fabulous use of angles creates the look that will wow your friends and family when they visit. When they ask where you bought it, you can reply that you made it yourself thanks to the excellent tutorials by Jenn at Build Basic.

24. DIY Coffee Bar

DIY coffee bar made of wood

Maker: Ronja Lotte @ Nur Noch

The tutorials and inspirational projects created at Nur Noch are second to none. Thoughtful and engaging writing by Ronja Lotte complements the wide range of inspirational ideas that she shares. A self-professed coffee fanatic, Ronja has created the perfect DIY coffee bar. Reclaimed wooden pallets are the foundation of this wonderful project that fits into any home.

25. Cordless Drill Storage & Charging Station

cordless drill organizer with drawer

Maker: Amy @ Her Tool Belt

Starting at an early age, Amy, at Her Tool Belt, knew that she had a passion for creating. Along with her dad in their basement, they were creating and crafting an endless number of amazing projects. The favorite part of the many projects she shares on her site is the planning process that then comes to life throughout the build. Sharing that with the world means that Her Tool Belt is a go-to source for fantastic woodworking projects. In this project, Amy took on a challenge by a writer and fan of the website. He wanted a five dock, cordless drilling storage solution and charging station for his power tools. Amy went right to work and has created this tutorial to build your own.

26. Toolbox for Dad

wood pieces needed to build a tool box

Maker: Dan Harmon

Many kids love to make gifts for their dad. Whether it’s Father’s Day or a birthday or just because handmade gifts from the kids are priceless and cherished forever. Maker Dan Harmon created this tutorial to share his passion for woodworking with others. The project developed as a way to teach his kids how to use power tools and show the empowerment of handmade creation. He found the perfect way to share this project with the world by bringing it to the Felt Magnet website. A way to connect makers, painters, and other creatives with a captive audience is the mission of Felt Magnet and this project is an excellent addition to their collection.

27. Modern Barn Door

diy modern barn door project

Maker: Elsie Larson @ A Beautiful Mess

Creating a budget-friendly front door out of an old barn door may seem like a huge task to take on but Elsie Larson at A Beautiful Mess has done it! Along with her sister, Emma Chapman, the two-run A Beautiful Mess, a blog embracing the homemade lifestyle. The duo takes on food, crafts, and major projects like this modern-style barn door. Creating a tutorial and walking the reader through them is what separates A Beautiful Mess from the rest.

28. Framed Burlap Sign

bless our home wooden frame

Maker: Adina @ Simply Country Life

Adina, self-professed beach girl transformed into a country queen, has created quite the blog at Simply Country Life. Moving into a custom built log cabin on 15 acres was quite the jump for this saltwater fiend. She’s taken up a number of projects that demonstrate this welcome transition in her life. This reclaimed wood sign is perfect to show a home full of love and happiness.

29. iPad Dock

DIY wooden ipad stand

Maker: David Bakker

iPad docks can run on the expensive side and many don’t feel that it’s worth the cost. Enter David Bakker with his $5 wooden iPad dock and stand. A convenient tool with a simple design gives anyone the opportunity to jump into woodworking. David Bakker looked around the internet at tutorials and designs for iPad docks and thought to himself that he could make it cheaper and better. He wanted something that wouldn’t scratch his iPad and this dock and stand do exactly that.

30. USB Drive

tiny wooden usb keychain

Maker: offseid

Who could imagine a wooden USB drive? Instructables user, offseid, has and it displays great craftsmanship for an everyday device. Create over 15 Instructables, offseid is always thinking outside of the box. A broken plastic casing to one of his USB drives was all the motivation he needed to develop his own instructable. Easy to follow and simple to make, this wooden USB drive would make a perfect gift for yourself or your dearest friends and family.

31. A Spoon For Your Spoons

wooden spoon to hold ladles

Maker: Mr. Oinkerson

When cooking, a spoon rest can be one of a cook’s best friends. It keeps your counters clean and catches all the dripping foods that fall off your cooking utensils. Over at Instructables, Mr. Oinkerson has developed an easy project for beginners that creates one of these handy kitchen tools. Walking you through step by step, he makes it a simple process that allows anyone to jump into the hobby.


No matter what skill level you are we hope this list has provided you with a good starting point. There are many good resources online however we believe these are at the top of the list. Finding easy projects for beginners is something we will continue to provide to the woodworking community.