Wood Projects Christmas

Wood Projects Christmas Ideas

Festive Christmas Crafts for Kids – Tons of Art and Crafting Ideas

Ready for some Christmas crafting with your kids? We have a whole bunch of easy Christmas Crafts for Kids, from simple art ideas to wonderful handmade ornaments and gifts kids can make.

We think crafting at home is all about making memories, some of my favorite childhood memories come from arts and craft sessions with my mother and my sister.

Looking for Christmas crafts for kids? We have a festive collection of crafts and ideas to keep the kids bussy through Christams holidays.

I loved Christmas crafting, I would make homemade Christmas cards to give to my grandparents, Christmas ornaments to hang on our tree and even great (at least in my memory 😉 handmade gifts for other family members.

Christmas Crafts for Kids

Ready to plan your arts and crafts for the season!

We are super happy to help you out as we have a ton of festive projects for all ages, from the little hands to children at heart (we all should be!).

Yarn Wraped Christmas Tree Ornament

Kicking of our list of ideas for crafting for Christmas, here are some some of our recent popular Christmas arts and crafts projects.

Christmas Ornaments Crafts

When it comes to Christmas crafting for kids (and kids at heart) not many things beat making a DIY Christmas ornament.

The memories of making it, the personal feel and the joy of watching it sit proudly on the X-mas tree.

Even more, you can even make it into a wonderful family tradition, crafting new ones each year and admiring ornaments from previous years.

As this is such a fun project to make, we have a whole section of Christmas Ornaments for kids and kids at heart to make.

Mini Yarn Hat Ornament

We do want to spotlight a few of our favorite projects though – the mini yarn hats are really fun to make and look amazing hanging on branches of your tree.

Learn how to make mini yarn hats ornaments here.

Fingerprint Christmas Tree Salt Dough Ornament

Another wonderful X-mas project to make as a family is this fingerprint christmas tree ornament. Make a new one every year, it will be something you will cherish for years to come (great one to include your baby or toddler).

Christmas Tree Craft Ideas

Make a wonderful little Christmas tree! We have quite a few ideas, some to “replace” a tree (who are we kidding, it’s to add another tree, not replace one ;), some to just craft for the sake of crafting and others that can be used as garlands or ornaments.

We have some of our latest shown here, but you can also browse a larger list (as we do have a ton) of Christmas tree crafts here.

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

One of our favorite projects are these paper plate Christms trees. So fun to make and decorate. This particular one can be a great christmas craft for preschoolers, you will need to make the cone for the tree, but they will love decorating the tree.

Accordion Paper Christmas Tree Craft

Accordion Paper Christmas Tree

Santa Claus Christmas Crafts for Kids

Ho, ho, ho marry DIY x-mas! We can’t have a jolly time without the gift bringing white bearded fellow.

Paper Plate Santa Hats Craft – Christmas Crafts for Kids

Paper Plate Santa Hats Craft – Christmas Crafts for Kids

Rudolph the Reindeer

3D Construction Paper Reindeer Craft

Adorable little construction paper reindeer

Cute Paper Reindeer Craft With Free Printable Template

Let this one be your card of the season

Without the reindeer, Santa would have a hard time delivering all the gifts.


Rocking Paper Plate Snowman Craft

Turn paper plates into cool rocking snowmen.

Christmas Crafts for Kids by Crafting Material

We’ve already shared a whole bunch of easy Christmas crafts by subject and now we are also preparing a section with them ordered in groups of some of your favorite crafting materials (coming soon).

Festive Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make