Wood Projects Fall

Wood Projects Fall

27 Creative Fall Pallet Projects for Decorating Your Home on a Budget

I’ve recently begun gearing up to decorate my home for fall, and do you know what I’ve come across? It is absolutely expensive to decorate your home if you don’t do it yourself!

So I said the heck with the store-bought stuff. I’m going to decorate my home for fall all by myself. If you’ve hung around the blog for some time, then you know my obsession with pallets.

And when I came across the trend of creating pallet signs, I knew I had to partake.

But I found some really cute ideas in my search for my own pallet design to help decorate my home, and I felt they were worth sharing.

Perfect Fall Pallet Projects

So if you love the idea of pallet signs, then you are going to love these fall inspired ones. Here they are:

1. Always Give Thanks

This sign is a beautiful reminder that we should always be thankful, especially around this time of year.

So if you are looking for a rustic pallet sign that has a beautiful message, then you should really consider checking this one out for yourself.

Check out this fall pallet sign

2. The Wicked Witch

This sign would be a cute decoration to add to your front porch around Halloween. Put it out with your pumpkins and a few mums, and you would have a gorgeous set-up.

However, this sign does not have a tutorial to go with it so it’ll have to be for inspiration only. I have linked to the site where it was created, but she says her site is closed for the time being.

Check out this fall pallet sign

3. Our Pumpkin Patch

If you grow your own pumpkins, this would be a great sign to put up in front of it. It is made from pallets and decorated to represent a family.

So you can either use this design as inspiration to create your own, or you could actually purchase this sign through the Etsy store I’ve linked to.

Check out this fall pallet sign

4. The Family Pumpkin

I love when people monogram or put their names on their décor. I really love it with this pallet sign because I think it gives it personality.

So if you like to add your name to your home décor too, then you might like this design. Again, this is linked back to the Etsy shop where it was created in the event you’d rather buy than make it yourself.

Check out this fall pallet sign

5. Established…

This pallet would be great for decorating your home any time of year, but I think it would still be beautiful for fall.

Then you could personalize it with your monogram and established date while also surrounding it in pumpkins and mums.

Check out this fall pallet sign

6. Reclaimed Wood Pallet Pumpkins

This is a little different than a pallet sign. They used reclaimed pallet wood to shape and form into the design of pumpkins.

In my opinion, they are gorgeous. This is another Etsy find so they can be purchased or used as inspiration to create your own design.

Check out this fall pallet sign

7. Pumpkin Pallets

These pumpkins are probably one of the best fall décor items I’ve come across so far. They are made from pallets so they have that rustic charm.

Then they are painted so beautifully, that they perfectly blend in with the home pictured. I think they would be beautiful in front of most homes.

Check out this fall pallet sign

8. Got Candy?

Everyone knows with fall comes Halloween. And with Halloween comes the candy corn. Which means that it would be totally appropriate to put it on a sign, right?

Well, someone already did that for your inspiration. This sign would be great to put out at a home that is big on passing out candy on Halloween.

Check out this fall pallet sign

9. Happy Fall Ya’ll Indoor Pallet

Who says pallets are only meant to decorate outside with? In this case, you could actually use this pallet to add some décor indoors.

But what really caught my attention was the saying. Maybe it’s because I’m in the south, but I just love that phrase!

Check out this fall pallet sign

10. Hello Fall

This sign is another beauty that would work indoors to decorate an entry table or even to be placed around an unused fireplace.

So if you love it, you can either use the picture for inspiration or check out the link below to buy it for yourself.

Check out this fall pallet sign

11. Thankful, Grateful, Blessed

This sign is another beautiful sign that is shaped like a pumpkin and filled with words that would serve as beautiful reminders.

Not to mention, it would be a beautiful way of decorating your yard or front porch around Thanksgiving as well.

Check out this fall pallet sign

12. Stacked Pallet Pumpkins

I think this is a very unique and creative way to display pallet pumpkins on your porch or in your yard. This might even be a good idea for someone who doesn’t find themselves very crafty.

Because this site actually sells a pattern to help you construct this idea. If you are a little craftier, then you might be able to figure it out for yourself.

Check out this fall pallet sign

13. Thanksgiving Turkey Pallet

I love this pallet. It is bright and beautiful. It also has a playful turkey painted on the front that is sure to stand out around Thanksgiving.

Again, this pallet doesn’t have a tutorial on how to create it, but hopefully, you can look at it and be inspired to create your own version.

Check out this fall pallet sign

14. The Thankful Pumpkin

This pallet is one that looks rather simple to recreate. You take an average pallet and clean it up a little bit.

Then you paint a pumpkin and the words thankful on it. You can use stencils to help you with those tasks.

Check out this fall pallet sign

15. Frankenstein Pallet

Do you like to decorate your home for Halloween but not in a super scary way? If so, then you might definitely want to consider this pallet.

So it not only has Frankenstein’s face painted on it, but it is done in a funny manner that wouldn’t be scary to small children.

Check out this fall pallet sign

16. Witch Pallet

This pallet is another one that would be great décor for Halloween. You could simply paint this beautiful backdrop on a pallet.

Then place it out on your porch with pumpkins and a jack-o-lantern to have a beautiful scenery in place.

Check out this fall pallet sign

17. The Harvest Pallet Sign

This sign sums up fall to me. Fall is usually filled with cider, hay ride, corn mazes, apples, and so much more.

Why not paint it on a sign and create that nostalgic feeling for all who walk by?

Check out this fall pallet sign

18. The Pumpkin Pallet

This pallet is another one that looks pretty simple to recreate. Basically, you paint a large pallet orange.

Then you paint a jack-o-lantern face on the pallet too. Finally, stand it up anywhere you like and it looks like a large jack-o-lantern. Pretty cute, huh?

Check out this fall pallet sign

19. The Reversible Scarecrow

I’m in love with this pallet sign. It is a two for one special, that is for sure. You have one side that has an adorable scarecrow with the saying, “Happy Fall Ya’ll.”

Then you can flip it over and have a gorgeous little snowman on the other side. So you can decorate for two seasons out of the year with one sign.

Check out this fall pallet sign

20. A Pallet Mummy

This pallet mummy has to be the cutest mummy I’ve ever seen. This is another pallet that could be used indoors or out for décor.

But it is a pallet wrapped in burlap that has a pair of friendly eyes peering out. Then it has a burlap bow tied to the side of the pallet like a hairbow. It is really very cute.

Check out this fall pallet sign

21. Trick or Treat

This pallet sign is another one that would be a great decoration for Halloween. It looks friendly yet in theme as well.

So if you want to attract trick or treaters, then put this sign out. Let everyone know that you are in the Halloween spirit but are friendly too.

Check out this fall pallet sign

22. The Primitive Pallet Sign

This pallet sign is meant to decorate a front porch (according to its description.) It has my favorite phrase of, “Happy Fall, Ya’ll!”

But it also is whitewashed in the background and has a beautiful pumpkin painted on the front giving it that primitive feel.

Check out this fall pallet sign

23. The Pumpkin Mason Jar

I am all about Mason jar décor since I live in the country and am an avid canner. I think that is why this one caught my attention so quickly.

So they painted a mason jar on a pallet, and then made it look like a pumpkin. It is very stylish but still has the cutesy factor.

Check out this fall pallet sign

24. The Chic Pumpkins

These pumpkins are made from pallets and painted with unique designs on them. They have both polka dots and the chevron pattern that has become so popular.

Plus, the pumpkin in the middle says, “Happy Fall, Ya’ll.” Unfortunately, this item is no longer available on Etsy, but I did link to the store so maybe they could make you a custom one unless you wanted to use this as inspiration to create your own.

Check out this fall pallet sign

25. Happy Fall Pallet Project

This pallet sign is very unique. It actually has a tutorial to show you how to recreate this project. It also is decorated with pieces of cloth that look like candy corn.

Naturally, it has a cute saying to make the sign welcoming. But it is really very basic as there isn’t a lot of background paint or anything like that.

Check out this fall pallet sign

26. Hello Fall Whitewashed Pallet

This pallet sign is really pretty. It has the words, “Hello Fall” written on it. The background is also whitewashed which adds to the primitive theme.

Then they hung a berry wreath around it to add a little color and pizazz. So if you are looking for simple and welcoming, then you might want to use this sign as your inspiration.

Check out this fall pallet sign

27. A Painted Pumpkin Pallet

This pumpkin pallet is another one that has primitive charm while is still very welcoming and would fit with most home décor.

So if you would like a pallet sign to display in your front yard or on your porch to welcome everyone to your home, then you might like this pallet sign.

Check out this fall pallet sign

Well, you now have well over 20 options for pallet signs to decorate your home this fall. They are so inexpensive you could make a new one each year.

But the great thing is that pallets are so durable you probably won’t need to make a new one.