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29 DIY Outdoor Furniture Projects To Beautify Your Outdoor Space

Some of the today’s most on-trend design schemes favor personal touches over commercial; after all, one’s personal space leaves a lasting impression, so why not make it worth remembering? DIY projects aren’t just for the crafty or budget-conscious, they allow a refreshing degree of originality, highlighted by one-of-a-kind pieces.

29 Repurposed Outdoor Furniture Projects To Spruce Up Your Space

DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Cherished finds and found objects alike, as well as recycled goods such as wood and textiles, can all be reworked into high-style furnishing implements. And now that summer is in full bloom, where better to show off your DIY panache than outdoors?

From repurposed tables to deliciously comfortable lounge chairs, these 29 DIY outdoor furniture projects feature a fantastic array of materials and uses designed to suit all manner of outside environments. Best of all? They’re as breezy to assemble as they are eye-catching.

1. DIY Lincoln Lawn Table

DIY Lincoln Lawn Table

DIY Project Details: project.theownerbuildernetwork.co

Picnic tables are a great way to get the family together. This stylish table makes a practical accent to any patio. It is simple to put together with 2 X 4 lumber. The table is put together in a trestle style with attached benches. This would not be a difficult project for an experienced woodworker.

2. Summer Splendor Basket Swing

Summer Splendor Basket Swing

DIY Project Details: indulgy.com

Make this hanging basket chair for a comfortable spot to while away the afternoon with a good book. This is a simple sewing project that starts with a large metal ring. The cover for the chair is made with canvas fabric. The chair is hung from sturdy straps for safety.

3. Painted and Stripped Lattice-Hatch Bench

Painted & Stripped Lattice-Hatch Bench

DIY Project Details: theidearoom.net

This outdoor bench will add rustic style to your porch. For the experienced woodworker, this is a simple project that builds quickly. The bench is painted white and distressed for a vintage appearance. This bench would also make a great accent in the entryway of your home.

4. Hand Assembled Picket-Fence Bench

Hand Assembled Picket-Fence Bench

DIY Project Details: filinebloggt.de

This charming bench is built in a pallet style. The bench calls a picket fence to mind with its construction. The two pieces are crossed to make the seating area and the back of the bench. Try it in the garden with a soft cushion for a shady place to sit.

5. Chic Cantina DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Chic Cantina DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas

DIY Project Details: liketheyogurt.com

This awesome DIY sectional is built with wood pallets. This project requires a lot of pallet wood. The pallets are taken apart with a pry bar to find the best pieces of wood and then reassembled into the bench. Storage can be added at the ends by making the top section hinged.

6. Reclaimed Wooden X-Stool and Side Table

Reclaimed Wooden X-Stool and Side Table

DIY Project Details: ladygoats.com

This easy stool is made with reclaimed wood. The pieces are crossed in an X shape for distinctive style and more stability. You can use this stool as a side table or end table outside. The top of the table is made of a concrete slab, but you can adapt the top to your tastes.

7. Steel and Wood Repurposed Rolling Console

Steel and Wood Repurposed Rolling Console

DIY Project Details: jenwoodhouse.com

This rolling console table is inspired by a piece from Restoration Hardware. It is built of wood and Strong-Tie metal connectors for extra sturdy construction. The wheels on the console are practical and enable the table to be moved easily. This would be a great piece for an outdoor kitchen.

8. Pacific Poolside Patio Table With Built-In Icebox

Pacific Poolside Patio Table With Built-In Icebox

DIY Project Details: remodelaholic.com

This patio table has an extra handy feature: built-in ice boxes. The ice boxes make your table an inviting place to sit on a hot summer day. The ice boxes can also be covered when they are not in use. This table makes a great place for the family to gather.

9. Hip Hand Painted Wire Basket Table

Hip Hand Painted Wire Basket Table

DIY Project Details: theshabbycreekcottage.com

This easy project upcycles a metal basket into a pretty side table. No power tools are necessary to build this table. Paint the basket in any color you choose. Stain the wooden top. Attach the top to the basket using cable staples. This project should take about half an hour of active construction time to complete.

10. Rocky Mountain Fireside Bench

Rocky Mountain Fireside Bench

DIY Project Details: hgnv.com

Enhance your enjoyment of your fire pit by building a comfortable custom fit bench. The boards are placed on the bench on the diagonal for a touch of unique style. Making this bench yourself can save you a great deal of money. The materials for this project only cost $125.

11. Dreamy DIY Outdoor Cabana Lounge

Dreamy DIY Outdoor Cabana Lounge

DIY Project Details: thatsmyletter.blogspot.com

Your back yard will truly stand out when you build one of these outdoor cabana lounges. Your guests will feel like they are staying at a tropical resort. The cabana is simple to build for an experienced woodworker. Add an air mattress, some soft cushions and throws, and you’ll be ready to experience true relaxation.

12. Tahitian Style Reclining Chaise

Tahitian Style Reclining Chaise

DIY Project Details: buildsomething.com

This reclining chaise is another great way to bring resort style to your back yard. The angled shape is simple to achieve using a miter saw. Use cedar boards in your project for a durable and attractive chaise that will last for many seasons of outdoor enjoyment.

13. Garden Cubicle Wooden Block Chair

Garden Cubicle Wooden Block Chair

DIY Project Details: graytablehome.com

This rustic DIY outdoor chair is a simple build in a modern style. The design is inspired by pieces from Restoration Hardware. This chair is built using a variety of techniques, from gluing the wood to screwing it together. Add a bright cushion, and this chair makes a great accent piece.

14. Crate and Pallet DIY Pallet Sofa

Crate and Pallet DIY Pallet Sofa

DIY Project Details: funkyjunkinteriors.net

Pallet wood is an ideal material to use for outdoor furniture. It is inexpensive, wears well, and has a rustic style that is attractive to many homeowners today. The back of the sofa has uneven board lengths for a unique profile. Add cushions and relax on this sofa.

15. Rope Ladder Suspended Sailor Swing

Rope Ladder Suspended Sailor Swing

DIY Project Details: abeautifulmess.com

Hanging hammock chairs make a cozy reading spot for kids and adults alike. This swing is made to last with sturdy upholstery weight canvas. It hangs from a ceiling beam or from a sturdy tree branch. This chair has a hand painted pattern for a unique look. Add a cushion to the bottom for extra comfort.

16. Deck-To-Dining Room Wooden Table

Deck-To-Dining Room Wooden Table

DIY Project Details: cherishedbliss.com

This DIY outdoor dining table is so attractive, it would make a great addition for your indoor dining room as well. This project is easier than it looks to complete. The X shaped legs are attached using lap joints. The top of the table has a hand cut herringbone pattern.

17. Bohemian Bliss in the Garden

Bohemian Bliss in the Garden

DIY Project Details: remodelaholic.com

Birch plywood makes this attractive outdoor sectional sofa. Experienced woodworkers will be able to build this sofa easily. The sofa is built on a sturdy redwood beam and is covered in sheets of plywood. It has a low back for a modern style element. This sofa will provide a relaxing place to spend a sunny afternoon.

18. Sundance Inspired DIY Outdoor Furniture Projects

Sundance Inspired DIY Outdoor Furniture Projects

DIY Project Details: honeybearlane.com

This easy DIY sofa project would be a good way for a newer woodworker to branch into making larger furniture. It comes together quickly using 2 X 4 lumber. The wood is stained in a soft gray color. This sofa will provide extra seating space for your guests and make an attractive accent to your deck.

19. Outdoor Abode Buildable Rustic Sofa

Outdoor Abode Buildable Rustic Sofa

DIY Project Details: diyncrafts.com

Combining artful style with easy construction, this DIY rustic outdoor sofa is the perfect project to add a modern look to your patio. This sofa is built using 2 X 8 and 4 X 8 lumber. This sofa can be customized in length to match the cushions you have chosen.

20. Sweet Splendor DIY Summer Hammock

Sweet Splendor DIY Summer Hammock

DIY Project Details: ehow.com

A hammock adds a wonderful touch to any back yard. This DIY hammock stand is built using pressure treated lumber posts. This hammock stand is sturdier than store bought varieties and will provide years of lasting enjoyment. Add your favorite style of hammock and swing the day away.

21. Re-Stacked-And-Refinished Crate Lawn Table

Re-Stacked-And-Refinished Crate Lawn Table

DIY Project Details: southernrevivals.com

Pallets make this DIY coffee table easy to construct. What sets this table apart from the basic pallet design is the stained top. This gives the table an individual style. The table is on wheels so it can easily be moved between seating areas on your patio.

22. Pacific Northwest Coastline Design

Pacific Northwest Coastline Design

Source: storefrontlife.com

A DIY concrete slab makes this side table sturdy and attractive. The concrete is sealed for a polished look. The base of the table is very easy to construct. In place of a concrete slab, you could use a premade patio stone from the home improvement store.

23. “Green Screen” DIY Outdoor Pallet Divide

"Green Screen" DIY Outdoor Pallet Divide

DIY Project Details: diypassion.com

A privacy wall is a helpful addition to your patio, especially if you live close to a neighbor. This chevron patterned privacy wall is stylish as well as practical. It also hides unattractive parts of your yard from view. This project is easiest to accomplish if you use a miter saw.

24. Savannah Manse DIY Outdoor Furniture Projects

Savannah Manse DIY Outdoor Furniture Projects

DIY Project Details: frame.bloglovin.com

This hanging daybed sofa is made to fit a twin-sized mattress. The back of the sofa supports an array of soft and cozy cushions. With sturdy marine rope hangers, this sofa makes a charming Southern-style accent to your front porch. Kids will especially love to relax on it. They may even take an outdoor nap.

25. The Family’s Tree DIY Circular Bench

The Family's Tree DIY Circular Bench

DIY Project Details: thisoldhouse.com

Make a custom bench to fit around a large tree in your back yard. Construct the parts separately and then use them to encircle your tree. This project is good for an experienced woodworker, and takes one weekend to put together. This bench would make a charming accent for any back yard.

26. Summer Waves Wooden Chaise Recliner

Summer Waves Wooden Chaise Recliner

DIY Project Details: perchica.ru

This exciting recliner is built in the shape of a wave. The chair also rocks for a comfortable and dreamy afternoon outdoors. The chair is wide enough for two people. It makes a standout style accent to your back yard. Try placing two of them for a relaxing seating area.

27. Bed Of Grass Outdoor Billet

Bed Of Grass Outdoor Billet

DIY Project Details: mymodernmet.com

This grass lounger makes a fun conversation piece for your back yard or patio. It is constructed like a simple platform bed frame, and soil and sod are added. This is a fun accent to a yard that doesn’t have any natural grass. Relaxing on the “lawn” is fun and comfortable. Your guests will definitely talk about this lounger.

28. Ibiza Terrace Outdoor Dining Set

Ibiza Terrace Outdoor Dining Set

DIY Project Details: bridgman.co.uk

This resort inspired table is built from pallet wood. The table is built on a sturdy base, and the pallet wood is used as an accent to the structure. The pallet wood is taken apart and sanded for the legs. A plain pallet is used for the top, with a tempered glass surface. Paint or stain your table however you wish.

29. Newport Nuance DIY Corner Bench With Table

Newport Nuance DIY Corner Bench With Table

DIY Project Details: remodelaholic.com

This charming corner seat has a built in end table. This is a simple project for an experienced woodworker. It would only take a few days to put together. This bench will give your corner a comfortable place to sit or a place to add plants or decorations to your porch.