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15 DIY Outdoor Family Games

Feature | DIY Outdoor Family Games | fun outdoor games to play

Looking for DIY outdoor family games? Summer spells fun under the sun! Aside from all the barbecues and gatherings, our family always tries to spend time together on the weekends. If we’re not watching movies, we’re doing a little family DIY project to keep us busy. However, there are times when I just run out of family bonding ideas but since we have an amazing backyard, I just decided to search for DIY outdoor games. If you want to get the competitive juices flowing while having fun, I suggest you try some of these outdoor game ideas.

DIY Outdoor Family Games to Enjoy

1. DIY Cornhole Boards

 DIY Cornhole Boards | DIY Outdoor Family Games | diy backyard games for adults

This game may be a classic but it has always been entertaining for the kiddos. If you can spare some time for this woodworking project, I guarantee you’ll have an awesome time playing with it afterward. Get the instructions here.

2. DIY Yard Yahtzee

DIY Yard Yahtzee | DIY Outdoor Family Games | outdoor game ideas
Photo by The Pinning Mama

Want a kids’ craft project that will also double as your next outdoor game? Then start making these big dice for a game of Yahtzee! Your little ones surely wouldn’t be able to get their hands on these colorful square figures. Get the steps here.

3. Giant Pick-up Sticks

Giant Pick-up Sticks | DIY Outdoor Family Games | diy wedding lawn games
Photo by I Heart Naptime

If you and your kids love playing pick-up sticks, you’ll love this giant version even more. If you think you have really steady fingers playing with the small sticks, let’s see how good you are when you’re using your whole body this time. Check the instructions here.

4. DIY Outdoor Word Game

DIY Outdoor Word Game | DIY Outdoor Family Games | fun outdoor games for large groups
Photo by Better Homes and Gardens

Word games are always a fun activity for the entire family. There’s nothing better than a game where the kids can learn something new. Make the biggest scrabble game you can play in the backyard. No peeking! Get the tutorial here.

5. Giant Yard Twister Board

Giant Yard Twister Board | DIY Outdoor Family Games  | fun easy outdoor games for kids
Photo by Instructables

The bigger, the better! If your little man has invited all the boys in his class to your home, this giant Twister board will surely entertain them. It’s another family favorite you can recreate as a backyard game for the kids. Get the steps here.

6. DIY Koob

DIY Koob | DIY Outdoor Family Games | picnic games for large groups
Photo by Let’s Get Together

A game of Koob is always enjoyable for adults and children alike. Imagine how easy it is to make these wooden pieces. You probably don’t even have to go anywhere else to buy the materials because you can just look for unused wood in your house. See how here.

7. Night Bowling

Night Bowling | DIY Outdoor Family Games | outdoor party games
Photo by Growing a Jeweled Rose

Outdoor games don’t necessarily have to be played during the daytime. It can be even more enjoyable at night when you can make everything glow in the dark. If you love the real thing at the bowling lanes, the glowing pins and bowling ball is even more exciting. Get the steps here.

8. Water Balloon Pinata

Water Balloon Pinata | DIY Outdoor Family Games | best backyard games
Photo by Scrap Happy Heather

Looking for fun things to do on a hot summer day? Here’s a great way to cool down and an excuse for you to wear your swimsuit in your backyard. Just fill some balloons with water, hang them, and start whacking!

9. Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga | DIY Outdoor Family Games | fun backyard games for adults
Photo by A Beautiful Mess

Do you remember how you held your breath while playing Jenga? It’s time to make it bigger and better! This game requires so much focus even children tend to get serious during the game. Get the tutorial here.

10. Slide and Toss

Slide and Toss | DIY Outdoor Family Games | backyard games for kids
Photo by How Does She

Test your agility with this fun and wet game! It involves skill and will be challenging for everyone in the family. See how good you are at aiming even after sliding and spinning with your head on a bat! Get the steps here.

11. Giant Lawn Matching Game

Giant Lawn Matching Game | DIY Outdoor Family Games | patio games for adults
Photo by Studio DIY

Memory games are not just fun, they also keep your brain sharp. Enjoy mind-boggling games but increase the difficulty (and fun!) do it in the backyard with huge pieces. It’s a great way to enjoy a game that’s usually just played on your mobile phones. Get the instructions here.

12. Yard Dominoes

Yard Dominoes | DIY Outdoor Family Games | fun outdoor games for kids of all ages
Photo by Iron & Twine

You’ll never have a hard time seeing how many dots there are on your domino with this version. You may need to do some work with the wooden boards but it’s going to be worth the effort once you’re done with it. Get the tutorial here.

13. Outdoor Game Mat

Outdoor Game Mat | DIY Outdoor Family Games | diy outdoor games
Photo by Kojo Designs

Who says you can’t take board games outdoors? Take your favorite board game to the next level by making this outdoor game mat you can bring just about anywhere. I have to say those seashells make it even more beautiful and a great idea for an outdoor craft. Get the tutorial here.

14. DIY Backyard Obstacle Course

DIY Backyard Obstacle Course | DIY Outdoor Family Games | bbq party games ideas for adults
Photo by Imagination Soup

Divide your family members into teams and try going through this DIY obstacle course. Kids love all sorts of physical activities such as running and jumping, so they’ll surely enjoy this game. Also, what better way for kids to get the exercise they need by doing it while having lots of fun. Check it out here.

15. Pool Noodlympics

Pool Noodlympics | DIY Outdoor Family Games | outdoor games for youth
Photo by Parents

Want backyard game ideas using pool noodles? Make all these and create your very own pool noodlympics. There are a variety of things to make that your kids will enjoy and it can also be a great family activity you can do all day. See it here.