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Wood Projects Outdoor Ideas

DIY Outdoor Wood Projects Ideas

When it comes to making things out of wood, we’ll admit that we’re pretty novice. That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t often browse the Internet for ideas and tutorials that are at our skill level, and sometimes even some that are above so we can bookmark them and treat them like goals to reach. We usually reserve wooden projects for spring and summer because we enjoy working on the outside (and, honestly, most of the things we choose to make are actually outdoor pieces) so right about now is around the time we start getting the itch to reach for our tools! That’s why we’ve been combing the online sphere for new things we haven’t tried yet, and even a few things to give us a new challenge.

Just in case you’re feeling as emphatic about outdoor woodworking projects this spring as we are, here are 15 of the coolest ideas we’ve come across so far!

1. Simple $16 wooden bench

Simple 16 wooden bench

Are you intent on trying a new woodworking project because you think some natural wood seating would really suit the look in your backyard, but you’re kind of tight for cash right now? Well, working on a budget doesn’t have to restrict your crafting goals if you’re thrifty about it. That’s why we loved this tutorial from The Project Lady so much! They show you step by step how to make a simple wooden bench for only $16.

2. DIY pallet wood kids’ teepee

Diy pallet wood kids teepee

Are you looking for something simple but impressive, but also hoping to make it something that your kids can enjoy too? Perhaps they won’t actually help you make it, but creating something with your own two hands that you know they’ll get to play with and enjoy later is always rewarding. That’s why we thought this wooden teepee kids’ house was such a good idea! 1001 Pallets shows you how to make it out of upcycled wooden pallets.

3. Seesaw from jumbo wooden spool

See saw from jumbo wooden spool

Are you quite intrigued by the idea of of creating outdoor wooden pieces for your kids but you’re also very into the concept of making them from previously existing wooden things that have been repurposed? Well, who says you can’t do both? Home Talk sure thinks you can! That’s why they’ve got this awesome tutorial outlining the process of transforming an old jumbo wooden spool into a cute, kid-sized seesaw.

4. Wooden slat welcome mat

Wooden slat welcome mat

Did you quite enjoy the way the teepee idea we showed you slatted wood together horizontally for a neat, clean effect, but you’ve also always enjoyed incorporating painting into your wooden projects in some way? In that case, we think perhaps this wooden welcome mat project featured on Bob Vila has everything you’re looking for! We love their “Hello” speech bubble design, but you could theoretically paint or stencil any greeting you please.

5. DIY wooden vertical herb garden

Diy wooden vertical herb garden

In addition to being a woodworking enthusiast, are you also an avid gardener? Well, we actually are too and we’re always looking for new ways to combine the things we love most, so imagine how excited we were when we stumbled across this completely awesome potted herb garden shelf idea from DIY Vintage Chic! They show you step by step how to build what looks like an herb garden but with shelfs slanted forward for easy access to your plants and perfectly pot-sized holes for inserting the herbs into.

6. DIY pallet wine rack

Diy pallet wine rack

From the moment the weather warms up in the spring and onward, we spend every single evening we can outside throughout the spring and summer, and sometimes even into the fall. That means we eat a pot of dinners on our back patio. Now, if you’re anything like us and you enjoy a nice glass of wine with dinner, you’ll see precisely why we thought this upcycled pallet wine rack was such a good idea! Virginia Sweet Pea shows you how to build a little shelf that holds the wine and the glasses, all while hanging on the fence for easy access.

7. DIY wooden deck cooler

Diy wooden deck cooler

Did we catch your attention just fine when we started talking about dinners on the patio and enjoying a quiet drink outside in the evening, but it wasn’t actually a glass of wine you were holding in your imaginary scenario? In that case, perhaps you’d prefer this totally awesome wooden deck cooler tutorial from Fox Hollow Cottage instead! They show you how to build a rustic looking cooler stand that will hold enough cool drinks for you, your whole family, and all of your friends!

8. DIY wooden yard dice

Diy wooden yard dice

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about wooden projects that your kids might also enjoy, but none of the things we’ve suggested so far have quitecaught and held your attention? Then perhaps these jumbo wooden yard dice will intrigue you a little more! We quite enjoy this idea because we like crafts that will keep our kids entertained even after they’re made, rather than just during the crafting process. We actually made these ones featured on Hometalk and our kids helped us by painting the dots on each side.

9. Scrap wood lanterns

Srap wood lanterns

Perhaps you’re looking for a smaller wooden project that you could actually use outdoors or indoors, depending on your decor scheme? Then perhaps you’d prefer these adorably rustic looking wooden lanterns instead! Rather than having to figure out glass and light fixtures inside, we love the way Diva of DIY left theirs very natural and simple put candles inside as a source of light instead.

10. Log leg bench

Log leg bench

We’ve shown you quite a few simple projects made from upcycled pallet wood by now, but what if you’d prefer to incorporate some element of natural wood too, rather than just working with flat wooden slats? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll reallyenjoy this awesome branch legs bench tutorial from Shelstring! They show you how to make a very neat looking bench seat, but also how to replace modern looking legs with strong, thick lengths of tree branch instead.