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Wood Working Inspiration- 40+ Images Ideas

15 Woodworking Inspirations For Your Next Project

Table of Contents1. The Quintessential Coffee Table2. Wooden Smart Phone and Tablet Stand3. Vintage Sliding Book Rack4. Unique Dovetail Stool5. Massively Built Storage Cabinet6. The King of the Jungle Wooden Shelf7. Secret Chest Roll Up Desk8. Heart-shaped Wooden Lamps9. Wooden Knight Knife Holder10. Grandfather Approved Standing Clock11. Wooden Walk-In Closet, Literally12. Center Table of all the Center Tables13. Your Man’s Best Friend’s Bed14. Cozy Sofa Arm Rest15. The Not so Hidden, Hidden Shoe CabinetConclusion

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Feeling a bit undecided what to do for your next project? Knowing the possibilities and the lengths you can do with the pieces of wood you have can be quite overwhelming. Lucky for you, with time in your hands, you can basically do anything you have planned in mind, because again, sky is the limit. That is one of the best things about woodworking. And the more you take in projects, the better and progressive you become, learning more tricks and techniques of the trade. So to get your mind working and start prepping, here are the 15 woodworking inspirations for your next project. Enjoy picking.

1. The Quintessential Coffee Table

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You have probably made too many coffee tables to count already, but this one with unique design and distinctly shaped legs may give you something new to make and may put some of your advanced skills to a test. And did I mention it is a perfect style for your living room?

2. Wooden Smart Phone and Tablet Stand

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Your smart phones, iPads, and tablets will have a safe parking place when not in used or when charging, using this sturdy and rustic designed wooden stand. That is, if your cellphones and all those electronic devices ever leave your hands.

3. Vintage Sliding Book Rack

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The cool and creative feature of this book rack will not only organize your books properly but stylishly as well. It slides and glides with the use of friction. And it is not big or shabby, hence you can conveniently put it in your study or bedside table. That way, you are closer to your books.

4. Unique Dovetail Stool

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Dovetail joints is certainly a skill to master for any woodworkers. Take a leap and get yourself comfortable making dovetails by building lots of it. Put this stool first on the list, as you will then reward yourself with a creative piece of art to add to your décor inside or outside the house.

5. Massively Built Storage Cabinet

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With a huge storage space, you will never worry about where to keep your old clothes, mattresses, blankets and all other stuffs. It makes an attractive addition to your decorations at home, too. It is functional and stylish, indeed.

6. The King of the Jungle Wooden Shelf

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You can store your books, keys, accessories and other little, small stuffs with this artistic and unique shelf made with several compartments. You will surely be challenged to the amount of details and features building this piece of art. And after you finish this one, you can go on make other animal designs as well to build a wooden zoo in your house.

7. Secret Chest Roll Up Desk

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Like a treasured chest, this classic designed roll up desk allows you to keep your papers , files and things from view with the slatted panel that can be conveniently pulled down when you are finish working, and pulled right back when in use.

8. Heart-shaped Wooden Lamps

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With an outstanding carving, cutting, and engineering, this piece of art is woodworking in its finest. Simple but massively complicated and intricate, the idea is on point providing you the mushy and cozy vibe with the heart-shaped design and light shining through it. And because, every day should be Valentine’s Day.

9. Wooden Knight Knife Holder

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Not that it is intending to scare you when reaching for a knife, but on the contrary, aims to make you smile and be awed to the creative genius it tool making this knife holder. And the best part, it is compact, handy and does not take a lot of space in your kitchen counter.

10. Grandfather Approved Standing Clock

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Do you love anything old and vintage? A take on the classic grandfather’s clock but improvised to accommodate some storage spaces and drawers. Combining style and functionality makes this stand clock a perfect idea for your next project.

11. Wooden Walk-In Closet, Literally

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Had too much to shop? Running out of cabinet space? Then, make it your next project and build this wooden clothing storage to organize your excess clothes. Literally a built-in closet, it is easy to do, practical and functional.

12. Center Table of all the Center Tables

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You might think that it’s another table again, but this is not your ordinary kind. In the light of maximizing our space, which is perhaps, everybody’s goal and struggle, this wooden living room center table will provide you the storage spaces you will need. Indeed, organizing 101, it is designed with drawers, cabinets and shelves under, hence giving you an all-purpose functional table.

13. Your Man’s Best Friend’s Bed

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Because our loyal best friend also needs a comfortable place to sleep in, you can make them a wooden bed of their own. You can customized and put their cute little names on it too.

14. Cozy Sofa Arm Rest

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You can lounge and get super cozy in your sofa while watching your favorite TV show, or movie with the addition of this very functional and convenient arm rest. And yes, you may be able to enjoy a glass of wine without having to constantly stand and reach for it in the table. Plus it has room for your newspaper, magazine and TV remote on the side as well.

15. The Not so Hidden, Hidden Shoe Cabinet

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Finding a place for your shoes for everybody not to see it is now possible by making this hidden shoe cabinet. If you are one of those who are a real neat-freak and wants everything in the house kept and stored, this is just perfect for your next project.


Did you enjoy and has found inspiration on the list? There are obviously a lot of stunning and amazing ideas and inspirations that you can do and work with as there is no limit in what you can do with a piece of wood. I specifically love the idea of mixing old and contemporary designs and at the same time making something that is not only functional but stylish and unique as well.

Do you have any other ideas and inspirations in mind for your next project? Tell us about it in the comment section below. We’ll be thrilled to know what you have planned. And if you like this article, please don’t forget to share it to others too.