Woodworking Projects

Baby rattle/spinner – Beginner woodworking project

In this beginner level woodworking project/scroll saw project I make a rattle and spinner as a gift for my son. I asked my wife to draw a picture of a penguin (and a fish) and went out to the shop to find some scrap wood. I settled upon making the penguin out of walnut and the fish out of cherry. I used a maple dowel to attach the two together. I used a vintage Sprunger Brother’s scroll saw to cut out the shapes. I then sanded using my dewalt orbital sander and my craftsman belt sander. I used my mastercraft drill press to drill out a hole for the dowel and glued it all together. I finished the toy with food safe mineral oil (as I know my son will be “tasting” the penguin) and a bee’s wax and mineral oil mixture for further protection. Of course the best part of a project like this is seeing my son playing with his new toy, so I made sure to capture that as well. I hope you enjoy the video.

For those without all the tools mentioned above, you could substitute a handheld jigsaw or a coping saw for the scroll saw, a handheld drill for the drill press and just use sandpaper instead of a powered sander.


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