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DIY Pallet Wood Picture Frame

I needed picture frames, I have pallets, this was bound to happen! My take on making some very simple picture frames with wood reclaimed from pallets. The design is as simple as it can be and also a bit rustic, or so I tell myself to justify some minor gaps here and there!
I made these picture frames 50x60cm to fit arts that I wanted to frame. The outer frame made with 5cm wide strips and the inner frame is 4cm wide. Lucky for me I also had some old glass for free so that’s recycled as well taking the cost for these three down to only 3-4€ as I bought hangers, rubber feets and cream colored cardboard for the backing.
Of course I need to point out I just started to play with wood in this scale, I have very little woodworking knowledge, so take everything you see just as entertainment. Thank you!

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Index of operation and materials:
0:10 Cut the pallet with circular saw, I tried to disasseble to save those three blue pieces but it was not coming, those nais are just too thick and deep! I tried and the wood started to break before it came apart!
0:36 Drive the nail down with a punch, not very effective but it worked for the most part (1:07 not here…)
1:25 Nails are easy to remove at this point
1:43 Rip boards on the table saw
3:10 Clean strips with orbital sander and low grit sandpaper, like 80
3:50 Mark cuts with speed square
4:00 Cut with hand saw, longer pieces don’t fit well through my small band saw the way is mounted now
4:36 Mark and cut 45° on the outer frame
5:20 Sand the 45° on the belt grinder to make sure it’s real 45°
6:00 Wood glue and clamp with strap corner clamp
6:20 Hold the square in place with a couple stapes in the back
6:32 Then secure it for good with nails
6:50 Mark and cut 45° for the inner frame
7:40 Offset the inner frame in the middle of the outer frame, gives a layer for the front aesthetics and space for glass and backing
7:50 Nail the inner frame to the outer
8:25 Furniture wax as finish, does not make the wood all that yellow, it maches my desk better
9:04 Cutting glass with eye protection
10:00 MDF like material for the back, just some sort of thin pressed material I had
10:34 Picture frame hardware
10:58 Random rubber pads I found for cheap
11:22 At the end I used small screws rather than nails, easier to take apart if I need to.

Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video!
Suggestions and comments are welcome.
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