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Pricing Your Woodworking Projects – Make Money Woodworking EP 2!

In this video, I am discussing how to best approach what is often a very difficult challenge for some people, how to figure out how to price woodworking projects. It’s really quite simple and to get you started, there is a high probability you will get some success and start to learn how to price a product to sell your, wooden bowls, wooden pens, wooden boxes, cutting boards, live edge picture frames, kitchen tools and charcuterie boards and all this has the possibility to make woodworkers some cash so they can continue to purchase wood and make new woodworking projects, have fun in their workshops and at the same time serve others by producing wood items that can be used and admired in their homes. We’ll be reviewing a few pricing strategies on how to price handmade products.

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Pricing Your Woodworking Projects
0:00 Introduction to Pricing your Woodworking Projects
0:43 Setting Objectives for Pricing
2:03 What Woodworking Customers Choose
3:05 Providing Price Choices
5:47 Setting YOUR own woodworking prices
8:25 Summary links

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