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Scrap Wood Mallet

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In my latest woodworking project, I made a segmented mallet from the scrap pieces of birch plywood leftover from the CNC storage project. For this wooden mallet project, I organized the small pieces of plywood by gluing them into larger plates with a walnut strip at the seams. Then I stacked these pieces of plywood on top of each other rotating each of the pieces to make a block of plywood with a twisted walnut patterns running up the length of the glue up. I made the mallet’s handle by gluing up a bunch of smaller walnut strips into a piece big enough to make the handle. I connected the handle and the head of the wooden mallet using round mortise and tenon joinery. Finally, I turned the entire glue up on the lathe to form the mallet. The birch plywood and walnut made a beautiful pattern on the mallet. For this woodworking project, I think that the handle turned out better than I had expected as well.

Tools used in this project can be found at http://www.frankmakes.com/

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