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Smart DIY Charging Station with LED Notifications | How to Build

How to Build a Smart DIY Charging Station with LED Notifications
Video sponsored by Freud Tools http://bit.ly/35x70LV
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Makjosher – Arduino Controlled Phone Charging Dock & Lamp

His Instructable has really good wiring diagrams on it and the code

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This DIY charging station was built out of a necessity to find a spot for the three tablets constantly roaming our house from my wife and I’s three small roommates. I wanted it to be a fun woodworking project but mix in some cool technology. Enter the LEDs and arduino project. It was my first time working with arduino projects and current sensors and I didn’t get it exactly right. But I learned a few new things about electronics projects and this DIY charging table is going to be just what our family needs to organize the cell phones and tablets.

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