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Three Ways to Price Woodworking Projects to Sell

In this video I will tell you three ways you can price woodworking projects to sell. Two are other peoples way, and one is the 731 way. If you have trouble trying to decide what to charge for your woodworking projects, I hope this video helps you. Pricing woodworking projects is one of the hardest things to do as a beginner woodworker. It is hard to know what to charge for your woodworking projects. There are several ways to price your work as a maker. I’ll go through two common methods for pricing your woodwork and then I will give you my method. Coming up with a price for a DIY furniture is difficult. I hope this video helps make pricing your woodworking easy.

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0:58 How To Price Woodworking Projects Method 1
5:19 How To Price Woodworking Projects Method 2
6:01 How I Price My Woodworking Projects
6:57 Mrs. 731 Woodworks Cameo Appearance
8:09 Power Tip Pricing Woodwork
10:29 How to Support 731 Woodworks

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