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Watch This BEFORE Buying Hardwood For Woodworking Projects

My previous video about buying wood was mostly focused on buying softwoods like pine and spruce for your woodworking projects. In this video I talk to the owner of a hardwood store to find out what we need to know about buying hardwood lumber. Going to a hardwood store can be intimidating for some people, myself included. We don’t know what to ask, what types of lumber to buy and we can even be afraid that we will look foolish. Mark, the owner of Working the Grain hardwoods, puts those fears at ease in this video. Mark explains the process of buying wood locally and online. Mark also explains the terminology hardwood dealers use, how to calculate board feet and the species of wood you can buy from him locally and online. We also discuss the best hardwoods for beginner woodworkers as well as exotic hardwoods. Amazon and other affiliate links are used in this description and they help support this channel.

Visit Working The Grain for your hardwood here: https://www.wtghardwoods.com

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