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Woodworking Projects that Sell – Make Money Woodworking!

Woodworking Projects that sell are one element in the process of making money with woodworking and starting a woodworking business. Different wood projects will sell in different areas depending on trends, but in the end, all woodworking projects will sell you just need to pick your niche which could be simple or exotic cutting boards, maybe its wooden boxes, kitchen and cooking items, wine racks or maybe even signs, especially if you have a CNC machine and if you are woodturner and use a lathe, wooden bowls are always popular and surprisingly, wooden and other custom turned pens and popular because some people collect them while others consider them a form of jewelry, but no matter what you pick, there is more and in future episodes, I will talk more about how to price projects and some options of where to sell them. Hopefully, these tips will help you start a woodworking business from home.

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Wood Projects that Sell
0:00 Introduction to Making Money Woodworking.
1:04 Woodworkers restock wood.
1:34 Finding woodworking projects you enjoy.
2:05 Pick a theme for your woodworking projects.
3:43 Give your woodworking customers choices.
4:23 Keep an inventory of wooden projects,
5:08 Colin Knecht’s pick of popular wood projects that make money.
6:61 Selling is more than picking a woodworking product.
6:54 Closing thoughts on Projects for your Woodworking Business.

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